The .memmap macros generate a color-coded view of the contents of memory. This is useful for visualizing the organization of memory.

Included Style Examples:

TinyOS Blink

Big Example

The first image on the left is of the TinyOS 2.x Blink example, which initializes the timers and begins blinking the device's LEDs. Note the thin band of red which contains the application code, the blue lines of I/O at the very bottom, and the blue lines of RAM beginning at 0x0200.

The second image is of firmware copied from a commercial device by JTAG. Empty instructions, consisting of at least two sequential words of 0xFFFF, have been removed from the wide white band near the top. Note that two regions of firmware remain, a thick one growing up from the bottom of memory and a thin one growing down from the top of memory.

Note: MSP430 static is a young project under active development. Please forgive any bugs, missing features, and similar growing pains.