MSP430static should be used in Linux. While it might be possible to run it in Cygwin, that is not officially supported. Further--as it is a tool for advanced programmers--the code is only available from the subversion repository. svn update ought to be run early and often.

TODO A list of potential complications, instructions for building GD, SQLite3, etc.


Grab the latest source code.

gentoo:~/svn%svn co msp430static
A    msp430static/TODO
A    msp430static/COPYING
A    msp430static/docs
A    msp430static/docs/msp430static.sty
A    msp430static/docs/Makefile
A    msp430static/docs/msp430static.tex
A    msp430static/
A    msp430static/Makefile
Checked out revision 34.
gentoo:~/svn%cd msp430static
gentoo:~/svn%sudo make install
The above creates symlinks so that the script may be called as either `m4s' or `msp430static'. If installing as a non-root user, be sure to create these links to some directory in $PATH.
Note: MSP430 static is a young project under active development. Please forgive any bugs, missing features, and similar growing pains.