Dump a digraph call tree for graphviz.
View a callgraph in ghostview.
View a callgraph in kghostview.
Print callgraph for US Letter.
Postscript callgraph, sized for US Letter.
View a callgraph in xview.
Regnerate the calls table using dbnetanalyze().
Drops all lines of 'FFFF FFFF', which are uncleared flash.
List addresses where code is expected, but does not exist.
List branches belonging to jump-table switch statements.
Dumps a file containing the BSL of the current image.
Dumps a file containing one-way hashes of the current library.
Dumps the project an a.out executable.
Dumps the project as an Intel Hex file.
Dumps the project as a Motorolla SRec file.
List functions which appear in libraries.
List functions which appear in libraries.
List functiosn which do not appear in libraries.
List instructions where are not part of any function.
List overlapping function addresses.
Regenerate the functions list from code, calls, and symbols.
Import GCC library from objdump.
Import hash library.
Import an ImageCraft 7 library from stdin.
Installs the project to a TelosB over /dev/ttyUSB0 using tos-bsl.
Dumps the Interrupt Vector Table (IVT)
Import Contiki 2.x libraries from /opt/contiki-2.x.
Import mspgcc libraries from /usr/local/msp430.
Import standard libraries from /home/travis/svn/msp430static/trunk/libs.
Import ImageCraft V7 libraries from /opt/iccv7430.
Import TinyOS libraries from /opt/tinyos-2.x.
Import old TinyOS libraries from /opt/tinyos-1.x.
Lists all available macros.
Lists all available macros in HTML, for the website.
View a callgraph in Eye of Gnome.
Output a GIF drawing of memory.
Output a JPEG drawing of memory.
Output a PNG drawing of memory.
View a callgraph in xview.
Output a LaTeX drawing of memory.
Default macro, run whenever a missing macro is called.
Test the installation and print any errors or warnings.
Lists all additional SQL functions.
Output a summary of the database contents.
Load symbol names from an ImageCraft V7 .mp file.
Recover symbol names from libraries.
Note: MSP430 static is a young project under active development. Please forgive any bugs, missing features, and similar growing pains.